Experimental Work

Client: Myself
Featured Skills: Sketching, 3D Motion Graphics, Photography, Photo Retouching

When I am not doing work for clients, I often like to try and push myself, both mentally and physically. Below are several different things that I worked on my own time that I enjoy doing, from 3D, to photography, to just simple and often hillarious attempts at making something that failed and ended up being something else. 

Elemental 3D

This is a motion graphics experiment using advanced tools in Cinema 4D such as Thinking Particles and Xpresso. The goal was to create realistic visualization of the 4 elements of nature, currently only 2 of the 4 elements are finished. The modeling and animation was done using Cinema 4D. All post effects were done in Adobe After Effects. Audio credit goes to Rawrthaas for the track "Awake".


Photo Retouching

I try at least once every week or two to try and push my abilities with advanced tools such as photoshop and lightroom. A lot of the time the experiments don't always work out well, but once and a while they do and I figure out something cool.