KRIQ Personalization Framework

Client: Kantar Retail
Role: UI/UX, Strategy, Design

Desktop Prototype

Mobile Prototype:

iq viewiq view

The Problem

Kantar Retail iQ relys heavily on customer personalization to deliver the most appropriate content to it's clients, however they were using a very antiquated and frusterating system that was unclear not even how to edit, but most users didn't even realize that it even existed. The only visibility they had into the system was the automated emails that were dynamically generated and delivered to them that contained all of the content. 


I wanted to address the problem from a higher strategic level. I discovered that so much of the work around KRiQ's platform is based upon the personalization system, shouldn't that take priority? This was supposed to be a simple and quick fix, but instead it turned out that it would be much better in the long run to completely overhaul the system into something better. This was common with a lot of projects at Kantar Retail - they would start out as small requests, and turn into giant projects in their own right, but necessary ones at that.

Artboard 2@2x-100Artboard 2@2x-100

The Foundation

Sketches and whiteboarding are always nice, but wireframing always is great because you can start to solve pain points and non visual members of the team are able to start see the product take shape. 

The Design

While the user experience was fun and exciting, the design was actually quite difficult. KRiQ was developed like a web application then website, and while that was addressed in the user experience, it was still a challenge to deal with from the design end. There was a conflict because we had to constantly adapt the design due to the system just being unable to handle some of the changes that were agreed upon prior. Because of this I went through a period of rapid iteration to quickly adjust the design on the fly, all the while updating the live prototype on invision so the developers could see the progress and help us reach the desired state faster.