KRIQ Search + Nav Update

Client: Kantar Retail
Role: UI/UX, Strategy, Design

Kantar Retail iQ is built primarily on the insights and other content that is central to it's platform. One of the biggest issues with the site was that the search functionality, probably the second most used tool on the site, was extremely slow, and delivered less then desired results. A problem that clients were not at all afraid to hit us with over and over, and one that I set out to recitfy. 




search+nav mockupsearch+nav mockup

The Research

In some cases, there is no substitute for raw data when trying to make a point, especially with a problem. One huge issue I noticed off the bat was that when requesting a search, it actually took an average of 18 seconds (mississippi's) for a search to load. Even with the best interface in the world, a stat like that will turn off all but the most hard-core users. It was so important, that while doing research on how to tackle this, I made it clear in my roadmap that this should come before anything else lined up. 

Timeline V2@2xTimeline V2@2x

The Foundation

The foundation of every deep website is how you search, so why not make it intuitive and flexible as possible so you have less steps to click through after. I used the research that I gathered, along with best practices to really take a broken search function and allowed the use of both predictive search and filtering to allow users to know what they want to look for, before they even hit the search button.

The Design

One interesting part of designing a new search functionality was trying to do something that was not typical, designing a mobile website search functionality. While a typical practice was to focus on designing the desktop version, usually the tablet and mobile versions would be pretty stripped down versions of the desktop, instead driving you to use the native applications. With our small budget, instead we went with a very different approach, trying to bring the dynamism and slick functionality directly to your phone. With most of the bandwidth being SVG's and code generated graphics, it was possible to put in a better looking search function then most mobile websites typically offered.

search+nav mobile mockupsearch+nav mobile mockup
Search + Nav WhiteSearch + Nav White
Search + Nav WhiteSearch + Nav White